Sorry to waste your time

You bet you should be sorry!

Last spring, I went through a job application process where I ultimately declined a job offer. The original recruiter (from an outside company) probably did not pass along my feedback to the company because  she seemed pretty green. When I turned down the position, the recruiter tried to convince me that opportunities for me would be few and far between. I guess she forgot that I wasn’t looking in the first place and like I had told her, I wasn’t looking for a lateral move. Also, when I turned down the position, that was it. No negotiation.

Several months later, I got in touch with a different recruiter who was employed by this company. I talked about why I didn’t take the position. It was pretty clear that I wasn’t looking to leave my current company. So that was it.

So now they’re hiring again. A different recruiter employed by the company contacted me. I told her I declined two opportunities already with the company and I asked her if the position was any different. Instead she asked me for my resume. I took my sweet time and she followed up with me asking for my phone number.

I gave her my work number and attached my resume. We set up a time to discuss.

She called my cell phone. She clearly did not have answers to anything I had already asked her. She didn’t have any answers for any of my questions. But she said that she would get back to me after talking to the manager. If you’re going to try to woo me professionally, at least do your research! I would imagine a good recruiter to make a good match for the applicant and the position rather than just trying to find people to fill a position??

I want a cookie.

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